Internet Marketing Conference Impact13



“Why Native and Content Is the Future of Advertising”

Justin Choi, Founder & President, Cie Studios

This session addresses trends in advertising toward native placement and content marketing, including how those strategies will grow to be a major driver of digital advertising.

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“Turning Monkeys into Gorillas: Search and Social To Give Small Businesses an Edge”

Jason Ciment, CEO, LA Dezign

The concept this session is turning monkeys into gorillas in the sense that smaller businesses don’t have the budgets to compete with the big guys. The session will cover tricks and tips using SEO and social media tactics to give smaller businesses (the monkeys) the ability to not only compete with the big guys but also look like they are in fact a big guy, including a four-step business life cycle.

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“Digital Marketing to the Digital Self”

Matthew Langie, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe

With expansive amounts of data available to marketers today, there is a unique understanding of “the digital self” which begins to emerge. This digital self, which individuals are readily expressing with family, friends, and businesses, enable marketers to better understand consumer wants, needs, and desires like never before to create highly personalized experiences, deliver uniquely targeted advertising, and gain a deeper understanding through analytics and data. This keynote-style session will touch on the dynamics that are driving digital marketing today and provide a direct look at what businesses might (or should) look like tomorrow.

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“Big Data = Big Opportunity = Big Problems?”

Brett Keirstead, Vice President of Sales, Knowledge Marketing

“Big Data” often means Big Opportunity but for the everyday Marketing Professional that doesn’t have unlimited time, resources and budget, Big Data may bring Big Problems. According to IBM, “every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – so much so that 90% of all data available in the world today was created in the last 24 months”? Leveraging “Big Data” is captivating the Marketing world and attracting significant company investment and resources. “Big Data” to the Marketer can mean the massive databases of your company’s Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, LinkedIn Group Members, Trade Show Attendees, Customers, Prospects, Subscribers and on and on. But how do you normalize this? How do you segment them? How do you message to them? What insights are gained and what decisions should be made? This webinar will break down “Big Data” into useful concepts and real world solutions that can demystify this intimidating topic and provide you every day solutions to improve your bottom line.

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Marketing to the Power of ONE: Using Cross-Channel Digital Marketing to Power Online Sales and Serve Customers More Effectively”

Joel Book, Principal, eMarketing Research & Education, ExactTarget

The digital media revolution has totally transformed the way brands acquire, grow, and retain customers. In the “Age of the Individual,” all marketing is becoming direct marketing and serving has become the new selling. To effectively engage and serve today’s hyper-connected consumers, smart marketers are replacing the one-size-fits-all marketing communication strategies of the past with well-integrated, cross-channel customer engagement strategies anchored by permission-based email, mobile messaging, social media, and websites. This presentation will cover: the “4 Cornerstones” of a smart and effective digital marketing strategy; why permission-based email has emerged as the most important channel for driving online purchase; how to use social media and search engine marketing to drive website traffic and generate quality leads; when and how to use mobile messaging; best-in-class examples of companies using digital media to attract new customers, drive sales, and create brand advocates.

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“Email Deliverability: The What, Why & How”

Jason Warnock, Vice President of Market Intelligence & Measurement, Yesmail

Pressing the “send” button on an email doesn’t necessarily mean your messages reach your recipients’ inboxes. Along the way, email communications can encounter an array of deliverability issues that can affect your email marketing ROI as well as your open, click-through, and conversion rates. Using data from 20 leading retailers tracked over a two-month period, Jason will explain why messages from even the biggest brands can land in spam folders or even go missing. He will also review how message subject lines, content, and Internet service providers (ISPs) can impact your email deliverability. Listen and learn to avoid being blacklisted.

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“Accelerate Your Content Marketing and Boost Your Search Rankings”

Michael Fern, CEO & Co-founder, Intigi

Fresh and engaging content is a cornerstone of SEO, but consistently producing this content is a major challenge, even for the largest organizations. As evidence, consider that 80% of corporate blogs have five or fewer posts (IBM research). This session will cover how content and social media affect search engine rankings. The session will then address best practices on how your organization can build and execute a sustainable content marketing strategy that boosts your search rankings and website traffic.

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“Cross-Channel and Personalization Leading Practices for Social Media Success”

Michael Miscisin, Leader, Social Media and Customer Analytics, Ernst & Young

Social media is an increasingly important channel for companies to leverage to reach, engage, and interact with customers and prospects. Getting social right remains a vital component in effective marketing strategies and tactics. Michael will discuss how companies effectively integrate social into cross-channel activities. He will present some examples of some of the best cross-channel customer experiences and how to personalize those experiences in a social context.

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“Marketing to Millenials and the Next Generation”

Craig DeMerit, COO/CIO, Tilly’s

Through knowledge of ever-evolving trends and access to the most popular brands, Tilly’s has become a leading specialty retailer in action sports selling clothing, shoes, and accessories. Since opening their first store in Southern California in 1982, they have grown to over 150 stores in over 20 states. Tilly’s offers one of the largest assortments of brands and merchandise from the top players in the surf, skate, motocross and lifestyle apparel industries available both in stores and online. Their selection and the look and feel of their stores are distinct and create a shopping experience that is unique, creative and fun.

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How to Choose the Right Interactive Digital Environments to Meet Your Business Objective

Kathleen Connolly, VP for UBM Studios

Connolly will discuss how interactive digital environments can span from simple webcasts to digital trade shows to hybrid events to topical community environments enabling daily engagement with an audience. Connolly will provide an overview of the various interactive digital environment options available, key criteria for assessing a business’ needs as well as the metrics event producers can expect. In addition, she will present case studies to demonstrate real world uses of these environments.

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“Behind the Curtain: How Cirque du Soleil Engages Audiences through the Internet”

Jordan Fiksenbaum, Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, North American Resident Shows Division, Cirque du Soleil

Andy Levey, Senior Manager of New Media and Analytics, Resident Shows Division, Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most recognized companies in live entertainment. There are 21 total productions currently throughout the world (seven of them permanently housed in Las Vegas) and a 3D movie coming this holiday season. With fans coming from all around the world, the most efficient and effective way of developing a relationship with them is through the Internet. From researching about a Cirque show to tweeting during intermission to posting pictures in front of a big top, you’ll discover the secrets behind Cirque du Soleil’s strategy for engaging its fans using the full spectrum of digital media. We’ll cover the complete process from targeting and segmentation to conversion, across multiple touchpoints.

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“Improving Service Delivery, Revenue and Client Communications through Project Management Solutions”

Sean Crafts, Co-founder, Mavenlink

Nobody excels at multi-tasking like a marketer. On an average day, marketing professionals juggle a variety of projects, contractors, clients, and files. With such a complicated set of to-dos, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of workflows and client communications. As a result, many marketing companies are looking for ways to streamline project delivery using collaborative applications. This discussion will address ways that marketing firms can centralize their project management platforms to get better results. Participants will come away with an understanding of how online project management tools can positively impact their business.

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“Safeguarding Your Most Critical Assets”

Albert Ahdoot, Director of Business Development, Colocation America

Data is the enterprise’s most critial asset. That data takes the form of websites, databases, customer information, patient records, credit card payments, and much more. Without the integrity of that data, which has grown to immense proportions coursing through ever more sophisticated networks and applications, today’s world would literally come unplugged. Learn how to optimize the fundamental elements in protecting hosted data: speed, strength, power, security, trust, control, and choices.

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“YouTube: Pictures Speak 1,000 Words”

Mark Stark, CEO, Americana Group

YouTube is one of the world’s most effective mediums for effectively communicating with multiple and diverse audiences including clients, leadership teams, third-party affiliates, and consumers in different demographic groups. The fundamentals are straightforward: film original and compelling content, then post strategically on relevant blog platforms and social media sites. The benefits can be significant and include precise audience targeting and tracking, cost effectiveness, increased engagement, wide and diverse reach, personalized messaging, and agility to adapt on the fly.

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